Council of Europe presents ten Internet governance principles

Nairobi, 27.09.2011 - The Council of Europe presented a set of ten principles on the governance of the Internet recently adopted in a declaration of the Committee of Ministers. Workshop participants representing different stakeholder groups commended not only the outcome of the Council of Europe initiative but also the openness of the process in which they were developed.

Other international organisations presented the work they have done in similar initiatives on Internet governance-related issues. The OECD explained the economic underlying perspectives and objectives included in the organisation's Communiqué on Internet policy making principles. The European Commission gave an overview of the thinking behind the Internet essentials discussed by this institution.

The value of developing international principles for Internet governance which are grounded on the international human rights framework was recognised by most of the participants. Action on Internet governance issues requires a common perception at the level of principles and human rights provide a good basis for consensus.

The participation of users in policy processes that focus on the core values of Internet governance was considered necessary, and the Internet provides several platforms and opportunities that facilitate such participation.