Working with young people

The Advisory Council on Youth – web page and Facebook page made up of representatives of youth organizations and networks, provides opinions and input on all our activities.

We have two residential youth centres where around 5,000 young people are trained every year:


We also run training activities in member countries of the Council of Europe and organise youth events with partner organisations in North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.
Our role:
  • Provision of training, conference facilities and educational advice at European level;
  • Development of educational materials;
  • Provision of on-line information on the situation of young people and youth policy development;
  • Co-operation with youth researchers;
  • Financial assistance to youth organisations through the European Youth Foundation.
We work primarily with youth leaders from all types of youth organisations: party political, trade union, environmental, religious and minority groups. Our courses are often devised by young people themselves. They have a very wide reach, as participants pass on what they have learnt to members of their associations.