The Pompidou Group: More than 30-years of activities

The Pompidou Group

More than 30-years of activities

Combating drug abuse and drug trafficking is a concern shared by politicians and the public alike. The whole of Europe has been affected by this phenomenon, which keeps pace with the fashions and malaise specific to each society and individual.

The Pompidou Group, which was a pioneer in the multidisciplinary approach to combating drugs, has endeavoured to break down barriers: those between the various professionals dealing with the problem, those between politicians and the men and women working on the ground, those between advocates of a blanket crackdown and those who favour more liberal policies and lastly, those between banned drugs and substances that are supplied on prescription but can have similar effects.

Its experts have succeeded in establishing the analytical and research tools needed to enlighten professionals and policy-makers, all the more important as there are no miracle solutions. It is only by sharing information and learning from experience that the problem can be tackled to a greater depth and methods refined to combat drug abuse and preserve the fabric of society.

Currently the Pompidou Group comprises 36 member States and Monaco will access the group in 2012. The European Commission is also a member.

International Conference on “Mental Health and Addiction in Prisons”

This international conference is organised by the Pompidou Group in co-operation with the National Anti-Drug Agency of Romania. It will take place at the National Library of Bucharest on 27 February 2013. The conference will focus on the current approaches, regional and European, to improve clinical and psychological drug treatment services in prisons. Participants are invited to share and exchange their knowledge and experiences. A side event will also be organised: an exhibition of drug prevention posters created by detainees living in therapeutic communities.

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2011-2014 Work Programme: the French Presidency’s priorities

Etienne Apaire, President of the inter-ministerial mission against drug abuse (MILDT), who was elected in November 2010 to chair the Pompidou Group, presented his priorities to the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on 30 March 2011.

During this hearing, Mr. Apaire underlined the fact that “in a rapid changing world, notably in the field of drugs, [the Group should] take up the responsibility of reflecting on the future, conduct exchanges within the Greater Europe and be a pioneer for new political initiatives”.

Morocco - First non European country to become member of the Pompidou Group

Morocco - First non European country to become member of the Pompidou Group

On 1st July 2011, The Kingdom of Morocco became member of the Pompidou Group after having participated in the MedNET Mediterranean network for co-operation on drugs and addictions for 5 years. This country is the first non Council of Europe member country to become member of the Pompidou Group. In her letter to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, the Minister of Health of the Kingdom of Morocco, reminds us that “Morocco is convinced that partnership and responsible co-operation are necessary in order to remove the scourge” and that “Morocco’s interest in accessing (…) is part of this approach and demonstrates its commitment to contribute to the efforts made by the international community.” The accession of Morocco to Pompidou Group after participation in the MedNET activities shows that the network serves an important and effective bridging function between Europe and the Mediterranean neighbouring countries.

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European Drug Prevention Prize

Every two years, since 2004, the European Drug Prevention Prize is rewarding three innovative projects that are led by young people for young people. From the time when it was set up, almost 200 projects have been examined by a jury of 7 young persons who selected the winners.

All 47 Council of Europe member States as well as Morocco, which joined the Group in July 2011, are invited to participate. The Prize 2012 was launched in November 2011 and awarded in Autumn 2012 during a Pompidou Group High Level conference.

The MedNET network

The MedNET network, which was set up in 2006, aims to improve the quality of implementation of drugs policy in all the participating countries in the Mediterranean basin and Europe.

Drugged driving can kill

The Group to combat drug abuse launched a dramatic 30-second television spot on a young woman in hospital after a drug-induced car accident. According to availbale information, many accidents and deaths on European roads are caused by drivers whose performance is impaired by psychoactive substances. The Pompidou Group invites broadcasters to air spot to call attention to a problem of growing concern. (more ...)

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Training Initiative for drug policy managers

The overall aim of the executive training is to link policy, research and practice in support of drug policy management. The main objective is to facilitate know-how and build capacities for more effective implementation, management and evaluation of drug policies and related programmes.