Committee of Ministers Chairmanship

San Marino - November 2006 to May 2007

The Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Council of Europe member states hold the Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers, the executive body of the Council of Europe, on a rotating basis in alphabetical order, for a six-month term.

The handover of the chairmanship from the Russian Federation to San Marino took place at a special meeting of the Ministers' Deputies of the 46 member states on Wednesday 15 November, 2006. San Marino held the Chairmanship until May 2007.

Mr Fiorenzo Stolfi, Minister for Foreign Affairs of San Marino, presented his state's priorities for the next six months. The three main priorities were:

- promoting intercultural and inter-religious dialogue,
- defending and developing human rights and fundamental freedoms, particularly through enhanced effectiveness of the monitoring mechanism of the European Convention on Human Rights,
- strengthening cooperation with the other international organisations.

Speeches - Visits - Events

Colloquy: Future Developments of the European Court of Human Rights in the light of the Wise Persons' Report (22-23 March) (more...)

Synthesis by Maud de Boer-Buquicchio

70th session of the Venice Commission (16-17 March)

In his opening speech, Fiorenzo Stolfi, Minister for Foreign Affairs of San Marino and Chair of the Committee of Ministers, emphasised the important role played by the Venice Commission in the sphere of legal co-operation.

Conference on the cultural and identity-related aspects of the Italian language in small states (more...)

Captains Regent of San Marino to visit the Council of Europe (more ...)

Issue of a stamp to mark San Marino's Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers 23 January

The new stamp issue and postmark on the theme of San Marino's Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers were presented on Tuesday 23 January in the presence of Fiorenzo Stolfi and Terry Davis.


Deputy Secretary General visits San Marino 16 December

Maud de Boer-Buquicchio visited San Marino to meet with government ministers and attend a fundraising event for children's protection and rights. (more...)

Terry Davis visits San Marino 31 October

'''We are all different in the sense that we do not have the same problems, but we are all equal in the face of the constant challenge of safeguarding the principles on which the Council of Europe is built, namely respect for democracy, human rights and rule of law,'' said Secretary General Terry Davis.


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