Committee of Ministers

Poland chairs the Committee of Ministers - November 2004 – May 2005

The Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Council of Europe member states hold the Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers on a rotating basis, each for a six-month term. Alphabetical order in the English language is followed. It is at the Organisation's seat in Strasbourg that the outgoing Chairman hands over to his or her successor.

The Ministers' Deputies met in Strasbourg on 10 November, in the presence of Polish Minister for Foreign Affairs Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz and Norway's State Secretary at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs Kim Traavik, for the handover by the Norwegian Chairman to his Polish successor.

Norway's period in office was reviewed, and the priorities for the next six months was set out, after which a discussion took place on the Summit of Heads of State and Government to be held in Warsaw in May 2005.

Before the meeting of the Deputies begins, Secretary General Terry Davis and President of the Court of Human Rights Luzius Wildhaber made a speech at the signing and ratification ceremony for Protocol No 14 to the European Convention on Human Rights. The Polish Minister met the press in the Palais de l’Europe, presenting the priorities of his country’s Chairmanship and giving some details about the Warsaw Summit.


At the end of the Summit of Heads of State and Government held in Warsaw on 16-17 May 32005, Adam Daniel Rotfeld, outgoing President of the Committee of Ministers and Minister for Foreign Affairs, has presented the conclusions of the Chairmanship

Conclusions of the Chair
Daniel Rotfeld' Speech

Jan Truszczynski ''Council of Europe Summit should be the Summit of European unity'' (more...)



Adam Daniel Rotfeld, Polish Foreign Minister

  • Interview
  • Priorities of the Polish presidency

Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz, Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Poland :

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Conference of the Ministers of Culture
Wroclaw 9 - 10 Dec 2004

File of the conference
European Cultural Convention is 50 years old




Cultural agenda of the Polish Chairmanship

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Summit of Heads of State and Government 2005

The Council of Europe Summit of Heads of State and Government was held on 16 and 17 May 2005 in Warsaw.