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Parliamentary Assembly Session: 24-28 January 2011

Tadic calls for collective action on organised crime

Serbian President Boris TadicOrganised crime is perverting democracy, and European countries must act together to stamp it out, Serbian President Boris Tadic today warned parliamentarians in Strasbourg.

Tadic called for a “strategic alliance”, with governments of the Western Balkans prioritising their work to beat the criminals.

Turning to alleged crimes of organ trafficking revealed by the Assembly report on Tuesday, Tadic called for an immediate, full and independent criminal investigation of the charges.

“The issue of atrocities committed in times of conflict and post-conflict, together with the issue of organised crime, is one that can corrode our democracies and the lives of our children,” he warned.

Tadic committed his country to work for reconciliation in the Western Balkans, heal the wounds of the past and prepare countries for entry into the European Union. He called on the region’s leaders to put their confidence behind the “new momentum of trust”.

“We have to assert regional ownership of our future, by helping each other to build our own capacity and confidence to resolve our issues amongst ourselves” he said.

“This is not a zero sum game. There cannot be one set of winners and one set of losers…I appeal to all sides to be creative. We must avoid setting obstacles that will block the spirit and substance of dialogue”