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Parliamentary Assembly Session: 26 to 30 April 2010

Sergey Lavrov: Our Common Future

Sergey Lavrov

[29/04/2010 12:30:00] ''Equal, indivisible and assured security of all states should turn from a catchy slogan to reality,'' Sergey Lavrov told the Parliamentary Assembly on 29 April.

The Russian Federation’s Foreign Affairs Minister warned against the recurrence of nationalist attitudes, as he put forward the ''principle of indivisible security'' and outlined his vision for the common future of the ''US-Europe-Russia triangle.'' He said ''common survival'' would require the ''pooling of forces, resources and comparative advantages.''

The minister also endorsed the Council of Europe’s reform process, describing the organisation as a ''humanitarian pillar for the new European security architecture'' with an ''intrinsic'' role in resolving European concerns. ''The organisation must be the leading European law-maker,'' Minister Lavrov added.