Programme of Council of Europe activities in Sarajevo

  • 4 July 2012, 10am

Council of Europe press conference, Café Garden Restaurant

  • 8 July : (10-12am 2-4pm) - Cinéma City, Small Hall

Gender Equality Now!

A graphic design workshop organised and animated by Poster for Tomorrow, with the support of the Council of Europe and SFF teams.

2 sessions of 2 hours will be dedicated to adults who wish to make an artwork and take part in Poster for tomorrow 2012 Gender equality competition and submit.

Graphic designers, writers, students along with others having alerted via social netwoks will brainstorm together, debate and exchange ideas to find out how express their point of view on this major issue.

Hervé Matine, co-founder and President of poster for tomorrow, will be assisted in translation and coordination. by Bosnian graphic designers Djordje Jovanovic, Mak Kapetanovic, Kristina Ljevak, Berin Tuzlic, Fuad Diglisic and representative of 2 local design associations.

The morning session will consist in a debate based on the 2012 brief about gender equality and particpants will be invited to start sketching posters together.

In the afternoon, a sencond brainstorming session based on the results of everyone sketches will precede the finalisation of the posters to be submitted.

Participants are kindly invited to bring and use their their laptop as much as they can.


  • 10 July (2-3pm) : Festival Square, Pavilion 3-5.30pm

You are my girl! I am your man! : is this gender equality?

Called Democracy Café this Youth debate is regarded as the Bosnian contribution to a series of public debates held by poster for tomorrow in several Council of Europe member States on the issue of gender equality.

It will be organised and animated by Hervé Matine, co-founder and President of poster for tomorrow with the support of the Council of Europe.

SFF Teen Arena Team and YIHR.will gather young people to discuss equality in the various aspects of everyday life. Animators will assist them in confronting their views while bearing in mind a number of ideas to respect each other.

After the short break, those among the young people who wish to do so will be given professional advise and guidance by graphic designers in order to perform a common artwork aimed at being a visual outcome of this debate symbolizing equality between of gender and opinions expressed, recording the Council of Europe Campaign “All different, all equal” and its related “Speak out against discrimination”

This artwork will be visible by the SFF audience general public in a way that will reflect the way it was performed.


  • 11 July (3-5.30pm): Meeting Point Cinema

18th SFF Human Rights Day : Remembering Srebrenica Genocide

Human Rights : fiction or reality?

For many years, the Council of Europe has been providing support to numerous activities in the field of cinema, and promoting the role that film has in making positive influence at social consciousness and spreading of ideas of tolerance and cultural exchange. Council of Europe representatives will take part and contribute in this event organised by SFF and the Swiss Embassy in Sarajevo. After a debate – consisting in a series of presentations followed by a dialogue with the audience - a gathering will allow promotion and demonstration of ongoing projects by governmental and non governmental organisations and media representatives.