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Parliamentary Assembly Session: 21 to 25 June 2010

President Ivanov: Council of Europe ''best protection of the continent in time of crisis''

President Gjorge Ivanov

[24/06/2010 14:30:00] Addressing the Parliamentary Assembly on 24 June, President Gjorge Ivanov recalled the priorities of his country’s current Chairmanship of the Organisation’s decision making body, the Committee of Ministers: strengthening human rights protection, fostering integration while respecting diversity, promoting youth participation. In his speech, President Ivanov underlined the need for ''Pax Europeana'', which he described as ''an open space where there is freedom of movement of people, ideas, capital and products. Open space in which each economy can grow and spread. Where there is tolerance and celebration of diversity, where everyone can enjoy his rights and identity. An open space in which everyone is respected for what he is, regardless where he lives and where he works. An open space that is fertile soil for building internal trust and confidence among states.'' President Ivanov concluded his speech by describing the Council of Europe as ''best protection of the continent in time of crisis.''