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Parliamentary Assembly Session: 4 to 8 October 2010

Antonio Miloshoski: we should ensure social integration of Roma

[04/10/2010] "Our Chairmanship fully supports the Secretary General’s decision to call a high-level meeting to put in place a European strategy that would lead to lasting, tangible measures to ensure the social integration of the Roma", said Antonio Miloshoski, Chairman of the Committee of Ministers.  "For all forces will need to be mobilised if this initiative, which is a challenge for Europe as a whole, and the Council of Europe in particular, is to succeed."
He also expressed the hope that the various activities during the six months of our Chairmanship will contribute to the strengthening of the “soft security” of Europe which is among the objectives of the reform process of the Council of Europe.  "The integrative approach of our Chairmanship’s priorities and the events organised in my country take care of the ever changing reality in Europe, of the complexity of our societies and the new developments that call for an integrative approach in upgrading the protection of human rights including social and minority rights", he concluded.