Gilbert Saboya SunyƩ visits Brussels

17.01.2013 - Today, during his working visit to Brussels, Mr Gilbert Saboya Sunyé, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Andorra and Chairman of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, presented the priorities of the Andorran chairmanship to members of the Brussels-based diplomatic corps, EU officials, NGOs and thinktanks.

The event took place in the Council of Europe Liaison Office with the European Union and was opened by Ambassador Torbjørn Frøysnes, head of the office. In his speech, Minister Saboya gave a detailed overview of the priorities of Andorra's chairmanship , namely education for democratic citizenship and Human Rights and the Council of Europe youth policies.

Minister Saboya expressed the will of Andorra to promote the visibility of the European Convention on Human Rights to the civil society. He also underlined the importance of developing fruitful co-operation between the Council of Europe and the European Union.

Minister Saboya Sunyé’s intervention