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Carta sociale europea

L’Europa riparte da Torino: Conferenza di alto livello sulla Carta sociale europea come strumento a favore dell’occupazione e dell’inclusione sociale


Fresh start for Europe in Turin: High-level conference on the European Social Charter as a tool for employment and social inclusion

Strasbourg/Rome, 31.07.2014 – A high-level conference on social rights: in the context of the Italian Presidency of the European Union, and with the co-operation of the City of Turin, the Council of Europe is holding an event at the city’s Teatro Regio on 17 and 18 October focusing on the European Social Charter, an instrument which provides Europe with a true social constitution.

The Charter establishes a system of legal standards which help to reduce economic and social tensions while facilitating sustainable and mutually beneficial development in the States Parties.

The main aim of the conference is to bring together European policy-makers and reaffirm the importance of social rights in times of crisis.

The main subjects to be discussed will be:

    1) Synergies between the law of the European Union and the European Social Charter;

    2) The contribution made by the Social Charter’s collective complaints procedure to respect for social rights in Europe;

    3) Austerity measures in times of crisis: impact on social rights, participation by citizens, and the European Social Charter’s contribution to overcoming the crisis. (segue...)

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