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Parliamentary Assembly Session: 21 to 25 June 2010

Fanny Ardant defends Roma rights

Fanny Ardant

[22/06/2010] ''We say Dosta! To injustice, humiliation, ignorance and violation of human rights,'' declared Fanny Ardant, Ambassador of the Council of Europe Dosta! Campaign when she addressed the Assembly on 22 June during the debate on the situation of Roma in Europe. She also gave a very fine reading of a letter of Franz Liszt concerning the Gypsies, speaking of the injustices and misfortunes visited on Gypsies even in his day. Franz Liszt had a great admiration for them and used to say, “They were refused property in law and have appropriated it in fact”. The actress Fanny Ardant, observing that little has changed since those days, has joined in since April 2010 as sponsor of the Campaign with a wish to draw attention to the Roma and the difficulties that they encounter.