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Parliamentary Assembly

Winter session, Strasbourg - 25-29 January 2010

Friday 29 January 2010
  • Functioning of democratic institutions in Albania (more...)
  • Population and Development: Assembly calls for more funding for Programme of Action (more...)


Thursday 28 January 2010
  • Wolfgang Petritsch: Property restitution is an essential human right (more...)
  • Current affairs debate: how Europe can help Haiti (more...)
  • Dick Marty welcomes British court ruling (more...)
  • Detention of asylum seekers: the Assembly calls for rules governing minimum standards (more...)
  • Assembly committees elect their Chairpersons (more...)


Wednesday 27 January 2010
  • Positive discrimination needed in electoral systems to increase political representation of women (more...)
  • Member states must do more to guarantee respect for media freedom (more...)
  • Greece and Turkey should treat all their religious minorities according to European standards, says the Assembly (more...)
  • Increasing trust and confidence in an electoral system (more...)
  • The Assembly concerned about crooked judges, lawyers and police (more...)
  • Miklos Haraszti: Violence against journalists undermines the democratic foundations of a state (more...)
  • Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation (more...)
  • Assembly confirms the credentials of the Albanian delegation (more...)
  • Assembly confirms the credentials of the Armenian delegation (more...)


Tuesday 26 January 2010
  • Assembly advocates fight against trafficking in human beings (more...)
  • Middle East: a negotiated solution agreed by both parties is the only way forward (more...)
  • Trafficking in human beings: victim’s father speaks (more...)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Constitutional reform long overdue (more...)
  • Assembly elects Guido Raimondi judge of the Court respect to Italy (more...)
  • Public hearing on handling of H1N1 pandemic (more...)
  • Franco Frattini: ''Working together towards human rights’ globalisation'' (more...)
  • George A. Papandreou: ''Humanising and democratising globalisation'' (more...)
  • Daniel Ayalon: ''Europe is a model for the Middle East'' (more...)


Monday 25 January 2010
  • Thorbjørn Jagland: ''Council of Europe should anticipate social and political crises'' (more...)
  • Micheline Calmy-Rey: ''To send out a loud and clear political signal by tracing the path'' (more...)
  • The Assembly elects its Vice-Presidents (more...)
  • Mevlüt Çavusoglu from Turkey elected as new Assembly President (more...)


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