Sport, violence and racism in Europe

Violence in sport

The dramatic events which occurred in 1985 at Heysel stadium led the Council of Europe to draft the first European Convention on spectator violence and misbehaviour. Entered into force in November 1985, this Convention constitutes one of the European pillars in the fight against this phenomena.

The Convention is principally aimed at football but more generally concerns all sports. It incites the participanting states to take concrete measures destined to prevent and control violence. It also proposes measures to identify and prosecute offenders.

The Council of Europe supervises the application of the clauses listed in the Convention by means of study visits in the various states that have ratified the text. The information gathered serves as a basis for the evaluation reports, destined to measure the advances of the various countries in this field.

At the time of preparation of international events such as the World Cup or the Europe Championships, the Council of Europe organises meetings with the various actors in charge of security and maintains a watchful eye to ensure coordination with the Convention's signatory states. It also collaborates with UEFA, FIFA, and the Italian National Olympic Committee.

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International Conference on Ultras - Good practices on dealing with new developments in supporters’ behaviour

The first international conference on the subject of Ultras, held on 17 and 18 February 2010 in Vienna, paved the way for a genuine dialogue between supporters and the police, a better understanding of each other's responsibilities and needs in ensuring safety and security in and outside stadiums. The conference was jointly organised by the Council of Europe and the Austrian Ministry of the Interior. (more...)
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Conference: ''Sport, Violences and Racism in Europe'' (Rennes, April 2007)
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