Sport for all, a European stake

Sports for all

A European stake

There are human and universal values within sport which can contribute to the fulfilment of the Council of Europe's own ideals. This is why the Organisation, in 1976, adopted the European Sport for All Charter, which marked the beginning of consideration at European level of the problems which arise in the sphere of sport.

Revised in 1992, when it became the European Sports Charter, this text has also been supplemented by the Code of Sports Ethics . These documents contain a number of principles common to Europe as a whole in terms of sport policies and practice: accessibility of sport for all, especially children and young people; equality; solidarity; tolerance; safety; respect for ethical values and human dignity.

A new pan-European platform for co-operation on sports matters was introduced in 2006, in the form of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS).

Match-fixing at Sport Ministers’ Conference in Belgrade (15 March 2012)

In the framework of activities of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS), the 12th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Sport took place on March 15th in Belgrade, at the invitation of the Serbian Government.

The conference consisted of two parts: in the first, following up on the Recommendation CM/Rec (2011)10, Ministers addressed the promotion of the integrity of sport to fight match-fixing, with the possibility to negotiate a specific international convention; in the second one, the event focused on pan-European sports’ co-operation and strengthening monitoring mechanisms of the European Convention on Spectator Violence (CETS n° 120). (more...)

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Match-fixing – plague which is killing sport

Strasbourg, 04.02.2013 – “Match-fixing is a plague which is undermining the rule of law and slowly killing true sport”, said Anne Brasseur (Luxembourg, ALDE), the rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in her report "The need to combat match-fixing”. (more…)