Intercultural and interreligious dialogue

Intercultural and interreligious dialogue

Cultural diversity is inherent in all present-day human societies. The aim of promoting dialogue between cultures is to make this diversity a source of mutual enrichment and to foster understanding, reconciliation and tolerance.

Democratic management of Europe 's cultural diversity constitutes one of the political priorities of the Council of Europe and of the Action Plan adopted by the Third Summit of its Heads of State and Government (Warsaw, May 2005).

The Faro Declaration, adopted by the Conference of European Ministers responsible for Cultural Affairs in October 2005, proposed the drafting of a ''White Paper'' on intercultural dialogue. Consultation on this was carried out between January and June 2006, involving all stakeholders in the Council of Europe's action (governments, parliamentarians, local and regional elected representatives, NGOs, media and other international organisations).

The White Paper was launched in May 2008 by the Foreign Affairs Ministers of the Organisation's 47 member states. It is intended to provide a conceptual framework and a guide for political decision-makers and practitioners.

To co-ordinate the various activities conducted in this field, Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni, Director General of Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport, was appointed Council of Europe Co-ordinator for Intercultural Dialogue at the end of 2005.

29-30 June 2009, Strasbourg: Exchange on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue

13-14 September 2010, Ohrid: Conférence on ''Media, beliefs and religion''
The role of the media in fostering intercultural dialogue, tolerance and mutual understanding, freedom of expression of the media and respect towards cultural and religious diversity were at the centre of exchange organised by the Council of Europe and the Chairmanship of its Committee of Ministers on 13 and 14 September in Ohrid (''the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia'').
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29-30 June 2009, Strasbourg: Exchange on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue (more ...)

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16-17 May 2005, Warsaw - Third Summit: promote cultural cooperation

The Summit, concluded its work by adopting a political declaration in which the Heads of State and Government ''shall foster European identity and unity, based on shared fundamental values, respect for our common heritage and cultural diversity''.