Building a Europe for and with children - Campaigning against smacking3m 50s
 DOSTA! Go beyond prejudice. Discover the Roma5m 06s
 'Stop domestic violence!' A Council of Europe campaign5m 12s
 Death is not justice: campaigning against the death penalty in Europe5m 46s
 How the Council of Europe works to stop torture6m 54s
 The Council of Europe's work to support minority languages4m 44s
 How the Council of Europe is supporting E-democracy for the internet age3m 49s
 The Council of Europe's efforts to make E-voting safe and secure4m 49s
 The Council of Europe and disability4m 32s
 How the Council of Europe is helping to make the internet accessible to disabled people5m 03s
 History and remembrance4m 08s
 The European Heritage Days3m 57s
 What the Council of Europe does to stop discrimination against minorities4m 10s
 The Council of Europe's work for fair play and safe sport4m 32s
 Campaigning to stop racism in football3m 28s
 The Council of Europe's campaign against discrimination4m 10s
 Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador Bianca Jagger on the campaign against the death penalty5m 36s
 The Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas Hammarberg, on the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights7m 37s
 Education on democracy4m 30s
 The Council of Europe and the fight against racism5m 26s
 Keeping safe online4m 39s
 Putting a stop to sexual exploitation and abuse5m 49s
 Combatting money laundering11m 28s
 Child sexual exploitation6m 17s
 Anti-discrimination campaign: Interview with William Horsley6m 33s
 Anti-discrimination campaign: Interview with Kamal Ahmed5m 12s
 Anti-discrimination campaign: Interview with Milicia Pesic5m 40s
 Anti-discrimination campaign: Interview with Momodou Jallow3m 14s
 Anti-discrimination campaign: Interview with Lesley Abdela5m 40s
 The Council of Europe against homophobia4m 03s
 Child-friendly justice5m 40s
 Biodiversity8m 29s