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Congress expresses concern about separatist tensions in Eastern Europe


Congress expresses concern about separatist tensions in Eastern Europe

Strasbourg, 04.07.2014 - During its meeting in Chisinau on 3 July 2014, the Monitoring Committee of the Congress adopted a declaration to express its profound concern at the situation of countries of the region faced with dangerous separatist tensions. The statement noted that the annexation of the Crimea by the Russian Federation has unfortunately opened the way to regional destabilisation which threatens the territorial integrity of states.

The Committee recalled that the Congress defends local and regional government all over Europe through implementation of the European Charter of Local Self-Government but local and regional self-government cannot truly develop unless countries are stable and societies are at peace.

- Chisinau Declaration
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On the sidelines of an official visit by a delegation from the Congress, the rapporteurs on local and regional democracy in the Republic of Moldova, Francis Lec (France, L, SOC), and Philippe Receveur (Switzerland, R, EPP-CCE), underlined “the efforts made by the Moldovan Government to speed up the country’s European integration” and added that “the signature of the Association Agreement with the EU ties in with that policy”.

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