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Youth Peace Camp


Dialogue and intercultural learning for young people from conflict-struck communities
Youth Peace Camp

Strasbourg, 13.06.2014 - Dialogue, intercultural learning, human rights education and peace building exercises: 50 young people growing up in regions affected by armed confrontations such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel, Kosovo(*), the Palestinian Authority , the Russian Federation and Serbia will engage in conflict transformation activities at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg (15-23 June 2014).

The Council of Europe initiative, celebrating its 10th anniversary, aims to develop a positive experience in living and learning together for participants from the “other side” of the dispute. The programme addresses identity issues, dealing with different views in a critical understanding of roles and perspectives. The camp’s objective is also to motivate and support youngsters as multipliers and peer leaders for peace in their communities, implementing follow-up projects.

Mutual learning practices and successful shared strategies are part of this awareness raising operation that focuses on replacing discrimination within national and ethnic groups with dialogue.

On Friday 20 June, on the occasion of World Refugee Day, participants will join the No Hate Speech Movement in solidarity with refugees. (more...)

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