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New Evaluation Report on Minority Languages in Slovenia


New Evaluation Report on Minority Languages in Slovenia
Member states that have signed and ratified the Charter in dark green, those that have signed but not ratified in light green 

Strasbourg, 22.04.2014 - The Council of Europe Committee of Ministers recently made public an evaluation report on the application of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in Slovenia. The Charter is the European convention for the protection and promotion of languages of traditional national minorities. The report has been drawn up by a committee of independent experts, which monitors the application of the Charter.

The Council of Europe asks the Slovenian authorities to reduce the gap between legislation and practice regarding the use of Hungarian and Italian in the provision of public services, in economic and social activities, and in relations with the State administration.

The Council of Europe also calls upon Slovenia to recognise German, Croatian and Serbian as traditional minority languages of Slovenia and to apply the Charter to these languages, in co-operation with the minorities. (more...)

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