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Corruption of parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors : "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" must reinforce prevention


Corruption of parliamentarians, judges and prosecutors : Skopje must reinforce prevention

Strasbourg, 17.03.2014 - In a report published today on “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, the Council of Europe’s Anti-Corruption Group (GRECO) considers insufficient and expresses concern on the effectiveness of the implementation and enforcement of the legal framework governing the prevention of corruption among members of Parliament, judges and prosecutors.

For all three professional categories, there are rules in place regarding conflicts of interest, asset declarations and gifts. Nevertheless, GRECO considers that arrangements for compliance with these rules and their monitoring need to be improved.

A culture of integrity has yet to be developed among members of parliament. GRECO calls upon the Parliament to resume work on a code of conduct, which needs to be accompanied by a credible mechanism of supervision and sanction for misconduct. (more...)

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