Local and regional authorities’ responses to economic crisis central to debates at Congress Autumn Session


Les réponses des collectivités locales et régionales à la crise économique au cœur des débats de la 25ème session du Congrès

Strasbourg, 22.10.2013 - Members of the Congress are to meet in Strasbourg, from 29 to 31 October, on the occasion of the 25th Session, at which several debates will focus on local and regional responses to the economic crisis and challenges in the sphere of social cohesion. There will be debates on, in particular, “Integration through self-employment: promoting local entrepreneurship of migrants”, “Migrants’ access to regional labour markets” and “Regionalisation and devolution in Europe in a context of economic crisis”.

The session will also be the occasion of a special ceremony for the European Charter of Local Self-Government, now that it covers all 47 member states of the Council of Europe. This benchmark international treaty is the pillar for the monitoring activities of the Congress relating to local democracy in Europe. And there are several monitoring reports on the agenda for the session, concerning Ireland, Hungary, Ukraine, Albania and Denmark, as well as a report on the election of the members of the Avagani (Assembly) of the city of Yerevan and another on the local elections in “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”.



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