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GRETA annual report highlights five priorities for fighting human trafficking


Le rapport annuel du GRETA met l’accent sur les cinq priorités clefs de la lutte contre la traite des êtres humains

Strasbourg, 17.10.2013 – The annual report by Council of Europe’s expert group on trafficking in human beings ( GRETA), has set out five key priorities for the international fight against human trafficking.

The introduction to the report, published today, stresses that:
· It is crucial that more countries sign up to the Council of Europe’s ground-breaking anti-trafficking convention, to eliminate “black spots” in Europe and beyond which help enable traffickers to evade justice and deprive victims of their rights;
· Anti-trafficking efforts should focus on all different types of trafficking, notably including trafficking for labour exploitation and organ removal, as well as for forced begging and other types of criminal activity;
· The private sector and the media must play a greater role in helping to prevent trafficking, by ensuring that goods and services are not produced through exploitation and by helping to raise awareness of different forms of trafficking and reduce demand;
· The effectiveness of anti-trafficking measures, including criminalising the purchase of sexual services, should be subject to thorough independent assessment to avoid any unintended negative consequences;
· Victims’ rights – include effective access to compensation – must be guaranteed in practice, and countries must systematically implement measures to protect victims from intimidation and reprisals.

The third general report on GRETA's activities covers the period from 1 August 2012 to 31 July 2013.

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