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Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Tunisia on Venice Commission’s agenda


Ref. DC 120(2013) Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Tunisia on Venice Commission’s agenda
Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista 

Strasbourg, 11.10.2013 – The Council of Europe’s advisory body of legal and constitutional experts, the Venice Commission, is holding a plenary session in Venice on 11 and 12 0ctober.

Documents likely to be adopted at the meeting include:
- A joint Venice Commission/Council of Europe opinion on the extent to which the new draft law on the public prosecutor’s office complies with European standard
- A joint opinion from the Venice Commission and the OSCE/ODIHR assessing proposed changes to legislation on parliamentary elections

- An opinion on the compatibility of recent anti-defamation laws with European standards, including two judgments against Azerbaijan from the European Court of Human Rights

- An opinion on the final draft constitution, as request by the Speaker of the National Constitutional Assembly in June

- An opinion on proposed changes to the constitution concerning the powers of the Georgian parliament and the procedure for revising the constitution

Bosnia and Herzegovina
- An amicus curiae brief on whether the choice of 9 January as a national holiday in the Republika Srpska could be considered discriminatory under the European Convention on Human Rights and other international standards

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