Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT)

Anti-torture Committee publishes report on Turkey


Anti-torture Committee publishes report on Turkey

Strasbourg, 10 October 2013 - The Council of Europe’s Anti-torture Committee (CPT) publishes the report on its ad hoc visit to Turkey in June 2012. The main objective of the visit was to examine the treatment and conditions of detention of juveniles held in prisons.


The visit was triggered by allegations received earlier in 2012 of ill-treatment of juvenile prisoners by prison staff and inter-prisoner violence at Pozantı Prison. The delegation visited Ankara-Sincan Juvenile Prison, to which all the juveniles previously held at Pozantı Prison had been transferred, as well as Istanbul-Maltepe Juvenile Prison and the juvenile units of prisons for adults in Diyarbakır and Gaziantep.

The great majority of juveniles who had previously been held at Pozantı Prison, made consistent and credible allegations that they had been victims of frequent and severe violence by fellow inmates. In addition, a number of juveniles claimed that they had been physically ill-treated by prison officers upon their arrival at Pozantı Prison. In their response, the Turkish authorities provide information on criminal proceedings and administrative investigations initiated against prison staff as well as juveniles. (more...)


Visit report 

Response of the Turkish authorities


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