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Commissioner Muižnieks: Austerity measures weaken human rights protection in Spain


Austerity measures weaken human rights protection in Spain
Nils Muižnieks 

Strasbourg, 9/10/2013 – “Cuts in social, health and educational budgets have led to a worrying growth of family poverty in Spain. This has had a particularly negative impact on the enjoyment of human rights by children and persons with disabilities. The Spanish authorities should do more to ensure that the human rights of vulnerable groups are better respected in the context of austerity measures”, said  Nils Muižnieks, Commissioner for Human Rights, releasing a report on his visit to Spain carried out on 3-7 June 2013.

“The growing child poverty, malnutrition and inadequate housing are issues of serious concern because of their potentially devastating long-term impact on children and the country. The Spanish authorities must implement effective strategies to solve these poverty-related problems and increase the protection of socio-economic rights”.


Austerity measures are also worsening the living conditions and social inclusion opportunities of persons with disabilities. “The Spanish authorities should carry out an impact assessment of budgetary cuts on persons with disabilities and adjust policies to ensure that adequate resources are available for their education and employment opportunities.”

In addition, the Commissioner is concerned about the conduct of law enforcement authorities. (more...)


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