European Court of Human Rights

European Court of Human Rights launches collection of leading cases


Court launches collection of leading cases
European Court of Human Rights 

Strasbourg, 10 September 2013 - The European Court of Human Rights launched new print and online collections of its leading case-law in order to heighten awareness of the most important cases and encourage their application at domestic level.

The Court’s Reports of Judgments and Decisions contain the judgments and decisions which have been identified as being of the highest jurisprudential interest. President Dean Spielmann said on the occassion: “Whether the standards under the European Convention on Human Rights are respected at national level depends on how well the Court’s case-law is known and understood in each Contracting State. Given the sheer number of cases which the Court adjudicates today, it is vital to ensure that its leading judgments are clearly identified and made accessible at national level. We therefore hope to launch the new Reports in further languages and in more formats in the years to come.”


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