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Srebrenica genocide: victims still await justice


Srebrenica genocide: victims still await justice
Nils Muižnieks 

Srebrenica, 11/7/2013 – “Eighteen years ago, around 8 000 people were executed in and around Srebrenica, while about 30 000 women, children and elderly were forcibly displaced. Victims and their relatives are still haunted by this act of genocide, as well as by the slow pace of accountability and truth-seeking. We cannot wait longer: justice must be done”, said today Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, participating in a commemoration of the Srebrenica genocide.


“While we commemorate today the victims of Srebrenica, we must not forget that tomorrow we still have to continue seeking the truth and fighting against impunity for serious human rights violations. The crimes committed here are of such atrocity that we cannot allow any single person responsible for them escape justice. This is the minimum that can be done to help all victims and their families find peace and have their human dignity restored.” (more...)

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