European Court of Human Rights

European Court of Human Rights launches new Internet site


European Court of Human Rights launches new Internet site
European Court of Human Rights 

The European Court of Human Rights has launched on 22 May its newly-designed Internet site ( The website of the Court has been revamped in order to give users better access to a wider range of information relating to the organisation of the Court, its activities and case-law. New features include an enhanced search option, dynamic news feeds and more comprehensive information on the Court and the Registry. The website will be regularly updated and items will be added or developed over the next few months.


European Court President Dean Spielmann said: “The Internet is the focal point of the Court’s information activities and provides a vehicle to disseminate data about the Court to as wide an audience as possible. By facilitating access to the Court’s case-law, not only for specialists, judges, lawyers and academics, but also for the general public, we are helping to reinforce human rights standards in all the countries in which the European Convention applies, and even beyond.”


The Court had over 5 million visitors to its internet site in 2012.

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