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Prime Minister Martí: Andorra´s key challenge is to open its economy


Prime Minister Martí: Andorra´s key challenge is to open its economy
Antoni Martí Petit 

Strasbourg, 25.04.2013 - Antoni Martí Petit, Head of Government of Andorra, today claimed that the most important challenge for his country today is moving towards a more open economy, based on cooperation, transparency and equality.


Addressing the Parliamentary Assembly, he defended applying a moderate taxation as a competitive advantage for Andorra. He explained progress already achieved in aligning the Andorran tax system with the rest of European countries and in fighting tax fraud, and also the plan to create an income tax in the near future.


Mr. Martí recalled that Andorra´s accession to the Council of Europe 20 years ago was a key step in the integration of Andorra in the political and institutional European framework, and acknowledged the organisation´s contribution to its political evolution.


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