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Prime Minister Ponta: Romanian Constitution should be fine-tuned to prevent political crises


Victor Ponta: Romanian Constitution should be fine-tuned to prevent political crises
Victor Ponta 

Strasbourg, 24 April 2013 - Speaking to the Parliamentary Assembly today, Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta highlighted the climate of cooperation that currently exists between the government and the president of Romania, after the political crisis in 2012. He explained that one of the priorities of his mandate is improving the Romanian Constitution in order to prevent possible political crises. In connection with this, he welcomed the assistance the Venice Commission has agreed to provide in this process.


Mr. Ponta mentioned also as a priority solving the Romanian cases before the European Court of Human Rights, in particular some 3,500 cases regarding restitution or compensation for properties nationalised by the communist regime. The new law just adopted by the Parliament, he said, should solve most of the problems regarding this issue.


“The most important challenge is the better integration of the Roma community”, he said, and he expressed the Romanian´s government commitment to do more to educate and integrate Roma.


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