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Personal data protection: Uruguay becomes first non-European state to accede to “Convention 108”


Uruguay becomes first non-European state to accede to personal data protection “Convention 108”

Strasbourg, 12.04.2013 – Uruguay has become the first non-European state to accede to the Convention for the protection of individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data, also known as “Convention 108”, and its Additional Protocol.

“Convention 108” is the only existing international treaty which grants individuals the right to the protection of their personal data, aiming also to prevent any abuses which may accompany the processing of these data. Being open to signature by any country, it is the only binding standard which has the potential to be applied worldwide, providing legal certainty and predictability in international relations.

The treaty will enter into force in respect of Uruguay on 1 August 2013. Uruguay is the 45th state to become a party to the convention. (more...)


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