Making Human Rights for Roma a Reality

DOSTA! campaign launches in Lithuania and Spain


DOSTA! campaign launches in Lithuania and Spain
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Strasbourg, 5 April 2013 - On the 8 and 9 April the DOSTA! campaign will be launched in Vilnius and Madrid respectively. DOSTA! means “enough” in the variant of the Romaní language spoken in the Balkans, where the campaign was first initiated. The campaign promotes better knowledge of the Roma community and raises awareness of the prejudices and stereotypes surrounding it.


The DOSTA! campaign started in 2006 within the framework of a joint Council of Europe/European Commission programme on South-east Europe “Equal Rights and treatment for Roma in South Eastern Europe”. Due to its positive results, the campaign has been extended since 2008 to all Council of Europe member states.


So far, 18 European countries have joined the campaign, which provides relevant educational material and technical support and assistance on awareness raising against discrimination and stereotyping of Roma people.


Making human rights for Roma a reality

Dosta! campaign

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