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Secretary General welcomes changes to Hungarian laws on media and judiciary


Secretary General welcomes changes to Hungarian laws on media and judiciary
Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland 

Strasbourg, 29.01.2013 – At a press conference today in Brussels, Thorbjørn Jagland, Secretary General of the Council of Europe, presented the Organisation’s assessment of Hungary’s media laws and judicial reforms.


“Significant progress has been made. The outcome of our dialogue with the Hungarian authorities will in effect mean fewer powers and more accountability for the President of the National Judicial Office,” he said.


Under the agreed changes, the President of the NJO can no longer be re-elected and, upon expiry of his or her mandate, the post-holder will no longer automatically remain in office until the election of a successor by a two-thirds majority. From now on, the Vice-President of the NJO, who is appointed by the President, will step in as interim President.


Members of Parliament will also be able to ask for information from the President of the NJO about every single issue that concerns his or her duties. Furthermore, the National Judicial Council will publish an annual opinion on the role of the President of the NJO in judicial appointments.


“Cooperation between the Council of Europe and Hungary will continue to further improve media legislation in line with our expert assessment”, said Jagland. (more...)


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