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FIFA governance under spotlight at PACE hearing in Paris


FIFA governance under spotlight at PACE hearing in Paris
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Strasbourg, 11.12.2012 – A Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly hearing on governance at the world football body FIFA took place in Paris on 19 December, attended by leading current or former members of the organisation as well as those who have sought reforms to encourage greater transparency.

Participants at the hearing, organised by PACE’s Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media, included:
• Theo Zwanziger, a member of FIFA’s Executive Committee
• Lord David Triesman, former Chairman of the English Football Association (to be confirmed)
• Jérôme Champagne, former Deputy Secretary General of FIFA
• Sylvia Schenk, Transparency International
• Jean-Loup Chappelet, Professor and Dean, IDHEAP Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration

Topics discussed included FIFA’s on-going reform process, possible measures to ensure greater transparency – reducing the risk of abuse of authority and corruption – and the introduction of new legislation in Switzerland to combat corruption in sports organisations. (more...)


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