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Violence in Lebanon: Assembly President calls for calm and restraint


Violence in Lebanon: Assembly President calls for calm and restraint
Jean-Claude Mignon 

Strasbourg, 22.10.2012 – The President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), Jean-Claude Mignon, today issued a call for calm and restraint after the outbreak of violence in Beirut following the funeral of General Wissam al Hassan:


“I have sent a letter to the Lebanese Ambassador expressing the Assembly’s wholehearted sympathy and unfailing support following last Friday’s cowardly bomb attack in Beirut. In the face of such a despicable act, one can only feel anger, shock and revulsion. No cause and no demand can ever justify violence. 


Recent tragic events are still all too present in our minds, but especially in the minds of the Lebanese people. It is essential to show a sense of responsibility and restraint at all levels to avoid an escalation of violence.


As always in the past, our Assembly stands by the side of a Lebanon which guarantees peace, democracy and human rights. Armed with this resolve and this conviction, we are ready to offer it our full support”. 


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