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Human rights must be at the heart of a truly inclusive democracy


Human rights must be at the heart of a truly inclusive democracy

Strasbourg, 07/10/2012 – Civil society activists, journalists, bloggers, and academics from all over the world, have gathered on the eve of the World Forum for Democracy to formulate their contribution to the debate surrounding the nature and future of democracy.


“To have a real functioning democracy, human rights need to be respected. Rights that go beyond the simple right to vote at elections”, said Council of Europe Deputy Secretary General Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni.


How can we narrow the divide between citizens and leaders and ensure that no-one is left out of democratic processes? How can we empower women and ensure their equal participation in public and political life? These were the questions at the core of the discussions.
« No one must be left outside the democratic processes » declared Jean-Marie Heydt, President of the Conference of International Non-governmental Organisations of the Council of Europe.
Participants also looked at recent trends and the growth and role of community and social media which give every citizen the opportunity to be heard. The outcome of the Sunday debate will strengthen the civil society dimension of the World Forum for Democracy.
Secretary General
Secretary General and Irish Foreign Minister Charles Flanagan discuss human rights in Europe
Charles Flanagan and Thorbjørn Jagland 

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