Congress Newsletter


The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe regularly publishes an online newsletter.

European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice - Newsletter


The CEPEJ issues an electronic newsletter concerning its activities and priorities and the progress of the activity programmes in the field of efficiency of justice in the 47 Member States of the Council of Europe.

European Audiovisual Observatory - Newsletter


IRIS Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory provides monthly short reporting on the most important legal developments for the audiovisual industry over 37 European countries.

Human rights information bulletin


The Bulletin was published from 1978 to summer 2012, with the aim to summarise events in the field of human rights from the perspective of the Council of Europe.

Migration Co-ordination Newsletter


The Migration Co-ordination Newsletter is published monthly and provides an overview of relevant Council of Europe activities on migration, asylum and integration. The Newsletter likewise provides a glance at activities in this field undertaken by the external partners of the Council of Europe, such as the European Union, the UN, the IOM, the OSCE as well as different NGO's and think tanks.

Parliaments united in combating sexual violence against children - Newsletter


The PACE publishes a quarterly newsletter on the latest activities of the national parliaments and of the Network of Contact Parliamentarians to combat sexual violence against children as part of the Council of Europe ONE in FIVE Campaign.

Education Newsletter


The Education Newsletter is published 3 times a year and presents the main activities of the Council of Europe in this field.

Intercultural cities - Newsletter


The Intercultural cities newsletter is published four times a year by the Directorate of Culture, Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Council of Europe.

Mars - Newsletter


The online newsletter of MARS – Media Against Racism in Sport, a joint EU/Council of Europe programme, is published regularly to provide information on MARS activities (National & European Encounters, European Media Work Exchanges) and on MARS main issues and challenges.

European Youth Foundation e-Newsletter


The EYF e-Newsletter has been introduced in January 2014. It is a monthly publication presenting some of the most important news from the Foundation and other interesting information for our stakeholders: youth NGOs, Government officials, decision bodies etc.

Parliamentary Network Women Free from Violence - Newsletter


The Network publishes a quarterly newsletter on the activities of national parliaments and of the Network to combat violence against women and domestic violence, and includes information about progress towards the ratification of the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence.

The European Language Gazette


The European Language Gazette is published 3 times a year and presents the European Centre for Modern Languages events, projects and resources as well as developments in the Language Policy Division and other relevant sectors of the Council of Europe's work.

Venice Commission - Newsletter


The Newsletter of the Venice Commission is published 4 times a year following the 4 plenary sessions of the Commission and informs readers of the highlights of the plenary sessions and the activities in between the sessions.

Schools of Political Studies - Newsletter


This quarterly Newsletter provides up-to-date information on the activities of the Network of the Schools of Political Studies. It serves as a tool for the Schools themselves, but also provides useful information to friends and supporters of the Schools.