Youth meetings organised by the Council of Europe

The resolution of conflicts, ''Camps for peace'' theme

Should we be afraid of conflict? This is the somewhat provocative question that underlies a series of youth gatherings organised by the Council of Europe, in co-operation with Europa Park, in Germany.

The project, which was launched in 2003, is designed to involve young people in discussions on how to resolve the conflicts in certain European and neighbouring regions.

The idea is to overcome their prejudices and stereotypes by strengthening their awareness, not only of what separates them but also of what they have in common. The Council of Europe offers these young persons an opportunity to tell their personal stories in a secure environment, establish friendships and take the first steps towards mutual confidence, all of which constitutes a unique collective experience.

These camps, which originated from the European youth campaign ''All Different, All Equal'', should help to strengthen dialogue and foster new peaceful responses in the field of conflict resolution.

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2 - 9 July 2011: Youth camp brought together Israelis and Palestinians, as well as Albanians and Serbs from Kosovo

The 8th edition of the Council of Europe Peace Camp took place at the European Youth Centre (EYCS) in Strasbourg, with 45 young leaders from conflict areas to engage in dialogue by living and working together. Parallel to the activity in Strasbourg, a Caucasus Peace Camp was held at the Europa Park in Rust (Germany), organised by the Russian Youth Council (with the support of the European Youth Foundation).

The aim of the Camp was to provide a constructive experience for young people growing up in regions affected by armed conflicts and exposed to structural violence, in order to develop common understanding and mutual respect. (more...)

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...Roland Mack is the Manager of Europa-Park and Goodwill Ambassador of the Council of Europe.