5th Summer University for Democracy: "The crisis of leadership"

28 June - 2 July 2010, Strasbourg


Nearly 600 political leaders, civil society activists, journalists and business leaders meet in Strasbourg, from 28 June to 2 July, to discuss the developments related to the exercise of power in the time of crisis.

In order to meet the expectations of their citizens, what are the means and resources available today to governments at local, national and international levels? How can confidence in representatives be restored? How can values such as peace, justice and freedom be disseminated and promoted in non-democratic countries?

These topics will form the core of debate in the conferences and workshops of the Summer University for Democracy, which will be presented by experts and personalities from across Europe, Africa, Asia and North America.

The Summer University is the annual highlight of the Council of Europe’s 16 schools of political studies which aim to train the next generation of political, economic, social and cultural leaders in transition countries.

Speeches (28 June 2010)



Press breakfast (23 June 2010)


Jean-Louis Laurens, Council of Europe Director General of Democracy and Political Affairs
Nawel Rafik-Elmrini, Deputy Mayor of Strasbourg
Jack Hanning, Secretary General of the European Association of the Schools of Political Studies.


Some of the speakers