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Integrity in sport and
fight against corruption

The European Ministers responsible for Sport will meet in Macolin (Switzerland) on Thursday 18 September at a conference held by the Council of Europe in partnership with the Swiss Federal Office of Sport. While focusing on the risk of corruption in sports governance and on pan-European sports co-operation, the conference will also mark the kick-off for the Council of Europe’s new Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions. (more...)


Human Rights Trust Fund


In an interview, Ambassador Matthew Johnson, Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the Council of Europe and Chairperson of the Assembly of Contributors of the HRTF speaks about the Fund’s purpose and the innovative way it supports joint efforts to protect and promote human rights: “The Fund is a vehicle for member States with similar objectives to contribute to processes at the national level to reduce the number of violations and thereby reduce the number of cases to the Court.” (more...)

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