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Integrity in sport and
fight against corruption

The European Ministers responsible for Sport met in Macolin (Switzerland) on Thursday 18 September at a conference held by the Council of Europe in partnership with the Swiss Federal Office of Sport. While focusing on the risk of corruption in sports governance and on pan-European sports co-operation, the conference also marked the kick-off for the Council of Europe’s new Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions. (more...)

Opening statement by Ueli Maurer
Opening statement by Azad Rahimov
Statement by Thorbjørn Jagland
Statement by Anne Brasseur
Statement by Matthias Remund
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Match-fixing: fifteen countries pave the way for implementation of the new Council of Europe Convention



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Welcome to a new season of the Journal of news and views from the Council of Europe !

In this week’s edition,
- Crisis in Ukraine: Ministers urge prompt action. GRETA says it’s having a negative impact on human trafficking.
- Europe unites to tackle corruption in sport, as fifteen countries sign up to a new convention on match-fixing.
- Experts on elections from Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt attend the 2014 Lisbon Forum at the North-South Centre. 

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