Swedish Chairmanship Calendar of Major Events

7 May, Strasbourg
Ministerial Meeting, transfer of Chairmanship

9-10 June, Stockholm
Colloquy on effectiveness of the Convention system

10-11 June, Strasbourg
Concluding Conference of the campaign against Violence Against Women

30 June - 4 July, Strasbourg
Summer University of the Schools of Political Studies of the Council of Europe

4-5 September, Kyiv
Conference of Ministers responsible for Migration

8-10 September, Stockholm
High-level conference in Stockholm: "Building a Europe for and with Children - Towards a Strategy for 2009-2011

2 October, Strasbourg
Re-inauguration of the Council of Europe Youth Centre

6-7 October, London
Conference on International Courts and Tribunals

6 October, Sweden
Seminar on human rights implementation on local and regional level. Organised by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions in co-operation with the Congress and the Commissioner for Human Rights

9-10 October, Strasbourg
Forum on Civic Partnership for Citizenship and Human Rights Education

10-11 October, Kyiv
Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth

15-17 October, Madrid
Forum for the Future of Democracy

20 October, Strasbourg
Quadripartite meeting CoE-EU

29-30 October, Strasbourg
Conference on the protection and promotion of rights of Disabled Persons. Organised in co-operation with the Nordic Council of Ministers

4-5 November (tbc), Tblisi
Regional Conference in the Southern Caucasus on the Rule of Law

6-7 November, Stockholm
Conference on Systematic Work for Human Rights Implementation

Events with no set date

Second half of October, Sweden, Round table on Civic Participation

End October, Round Table on Civic Participation organised by the Council of Europe Conference of International Non-Governmental Organisations in co-operation with Forum for Voluntary Social Work (Sweden)

High level meeting, CoE – OSCE