Calendar of major events during the Chairmanship

15 November
Strasbourg. Transfer of Chairmanship meeting from the Russian Federation to San Marino. Presentation of the priorities for the Chairmanship of San Marino. Issuing of a medal commemorating the Chairmanship.

17 November
San Marino: Bureau and Standing Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

27 November
Madrid: Launching of the Campaign to combat violence against women, including domestic violence.

16 December
San Marino: “Gala ASTARTE” in favour of children, organised by the National UNICEF Committee of San Marino and the Italian association for the defence of children “Telefono Azzurro', in the framework of the Campaign « Building a Europe for and with children ».

22-26 January
Strasbourg. Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
Presentation of the philatelic cover and postmark prepared for the Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.

26 January
San Marino. Information and Training Seminar on the case-law of the ECHR, for San Marino legal professionals.

13 February
Quadripartite Meeting Council of Europe - European Union

15 March
Strasbourg, Palais de l'Europe. Conference "Europe and the common language heritage: identity-related and cultural aspects of the Italian language in the Small States and small territorial entities (organised by the Chair in collaboration with the Marc Bloch University of Strasbourg).

22 - 23 March
San Marino. Colloquy “The future developments of the European Court of Human Rights, in the light of the Wise Persons' report”.

16-20 April
Strasbourg. Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe;
Strasbourg, Foyer of the Committee of Ministers. Exhibition “the Goths in San Marino”.

23-24 April
San Marino. European Conference "The religious dimension of the intercultural dialogue".
4-5 May
Istanbul. Conference of European Ministers of Education.

10-11 May
Strasbourg. Committee of Ministers, 117th Session. Conclusion of the Chairmanship of San Marino. Transfer of Chairmanship to Serbia