Andorran Chairmanship to promote knowledge of the Convention among civil society and youth

21.01.2013 - Speaking today at the Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) Gilbert Saboya, Foreign Affairs Minister of Andorra, announced that the Andorran Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers will soon launch a campaign to promote the European Convention of Human Rights.The campaign will aim to mobilise civil society and youth to increase awareness on human rights protection, in accordance with the main theme of the chairmanship: the promotion of human rights and democracy through education.

Gilbert Saboya explained work in progress in the reform of the European Court of Human Rights, in particular with regard to the draft text of protocol 15, which aims to reinforce its efficacy. The draft has already been sent for opinion to PACE and to the Court, with the objective of submitting it for approval by the Committee of Ministers in May this year.

Video of the speech