Social rights in Europe

On 6 December, S.E.M. Francesc Camp Torres, Minister of Tourism and Environment of Andorra, participated in a Seminar on the “European Social Charter and the discretion of States”, which was organised under the auspices of the Andorran Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers. The seminar addressed issues concerning the discretion of States in the implementation of the social rights laid down by the European Social Charter. The Minister welcomed the theme of the seminar, considering it particularly pertinent in these times of economic crisis where governments find themselves in a difficult position with regard to maintaining their social policies on restricted resources. He also recalled the potential risks emerging from the current political and economical climate, in particular the rise of extremism and intolerance, and the priority of the Andorran Chairmanship to promote education in the field of human rights and democratic citizenship to temper these trends.