PACE: Chair of Committee of Ministers stresses necessity to promote sustainable democratic societies

Strasbourg, 2 October 2012 - Edmond Panariti, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Albania and Chairman of the Committee of Ministers, presented to the Parliamentary Assembly, the developments during his country’s Chairmanship since the previous Assembly session last June. Recalling that under the motto “unity in diversity,” Albania’s Chairmanship is focusing, among other priorities, on promoting sustainable democratic societies, Mr Panariti referred to the “2012 Exchange on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue” that took place in Dürres in early September. He stressed the importance and usefulness of such exchanges in the current context of rising intolerance.

The conclusions of the Dürres Exchange will be presented in the high-level conference “Diversity in Europe, a strength for the future” that will be held in Tirana on 8-9 November, and which will mark the end of the Albanian Chairmanship. It will seek to reinforce and spread as widely as possible the message of peace and openness to each other’s cultures and beliefs. “In my view, this should be one of the main focal points of the Council’s activities in the years ahead” Mr Panariti said.

Regarding another of Albania’s Chairmanship priorities, guaranteeing the long term effectiveness of the European Court of Human Rights, Minister Panariti stressed the importance of the role to be played by both national parliaments and the Parliamentary Assembly in the implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights. In view of the overload of cases before the Strasbourg Court, the implementation of the Convention at national level is more than ever, therefore, essential for the long-term viability of the supervisory mechanism established under the Convention.

In his intervention, Mr Panariti also underlined the importance of a common stand within the Organisation for a step by step approach towards Kosovo.

- Speech by Edmond Panariti - video