United Kingdom passes Chairmanship to Albania

The 122nd Session of the Committee of Ministers was held in Strasbourg under the chairmanship of William Hague, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom. The meeting concluded the six months of UK Chairmanship of the Committee, centred chiefly on seeking means to guarantee the continued effectiveness of the European Convention on Human Rights system.

At the close of the meeting, after having presented a stocktaking of his Chairmanship, Mr Hague handed the Chairman’s office over to Edmond Haxhinasto, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Albania, who then presented the priorities for his country’s six months in the Chair. At that juncture, the new Chairman of the Committee of Ministers referred to the report of the “Group of Eminent Persons” pinpointing the question of “living together in diversity” as a major challenge of the 21st century. Mr Haxhinasto stressed that, proceeding from this determination, the Albanian Chairmanship would have “United in diversity” as its guiding motto.

A press stand-up was scheduled at 3 pm with both incoming and outgoing Chairmen and the Secretary General.

- Greater involvement of Kosovo sought under Albanian chairmanship