New recommendations to protect human rights on search engines and social platforms

Strasbourg, 05.04.2012 – The Council of Europe has adopted two Recommendations in which it calls on its members states to safeguard human rights, notably freedom of expression, access to information, freedom of association and the right to private life, with regard to search engines and social networking services.

In the Recommendation on search engines, the Committee of Ministers invites states to engage with search engine providers to increase transparency in the way access to information is provided, in particular the criteria used to select, rank or remove search results, and in the processing of personal data.

In the Recommendation on social networking services, the Committee calls on states to work with operators to raise users´ awareness of their rights and the challenges to them, by using clear and understandable language, and to help users understand the default settings of their profiles and make informed choices about their online identity. (more...)